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Taggleme Spotlight | Story Of A Traveler And Blinky D

Two new features are up to ring in the end of October. From the beautiful mountains of North Georgia in the small tourist town of Dahlonega, folk/ pop/Americana band Story Of A Traveler grace the Taggleme platform with their energy and unique sound. Jacob Autry, Tyler Clark and Mark Stokes form Story Of A Traveler delivering original lyrics and music. Check out their feature and enjoy!

” We owe our inspiration to the relationships, family, friends, and everyone who is in our lives that help make it what it is. You inspire our art!” ~Story Of A Traveler~

Story Of A Traveler on Taggleme

Story Of A Traveler on Taggleme

Most people don’t understand my style, but they dig the flow, They say I’m something new, man they don’t even know, First they have to realize I’m not doing this for them, if I did that then I’d just try to sound like em, but I do this for Jesus, He covered me with His grace” ~Blinky D~

Don’t sleep on Blinky D! Featured in Taggleme’s Hip Hop Spot, Blinky D is delivering the word of God and messages in the great form of rhyme and rhythm his way. Giving his life over to Christ in 2009 after turning to a better path. Repping The Kingdom Blinky D is what he feels he is meant to do.

Blinky D Featured on Taggleme

Blinky D on Taggleme

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